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Aerial view of Boise State University campus

Welcome to the Department of History

Jill Gill and students on capitol steps in Boise

Why Study History?

Studying history provides us with the perspective to understand ourselves and the world we live in today. In the process of historical study, we use analytical skills to incorporate evidence into oral and written arguments. A historical understanding remains vital to participatory citizenship, can help us gain greater empathy and prepares us for the workplace in the 21st century.

Careers in history include jobs in teaching, media, interpretative centers and museums, research centers for businesses, governmental agencies, and other institutions, and much more. The invaluable skills gained from studying history can lend to success in any profession.

Explore the History Department

Student studying Basque tree carvings

History is…

searching the forest for Basque tree carvings. Our acclaimed faculty guide students through in-depth learning experiences. History department professor John Bieter travels with students into Idaho’s mountains to study tree carvings left by Basque sheepherders. Learn More about their Basque adventure!

History student examines artifacts in Pompeii

History is…

traveling to new and exciting places to study ancient artifacts. Internships send history majors all over the world for historical research and up-close analysis of global events. Boise State professor Katie Huntley is part of a group of researchers and students setting up a new excavation site of the Roman settlement of Libarna, Italy. Learn More about Dr. Huntley’s excavation!

Students standing by Civil War cannon

History is…

studying the past to understand the world today. In the history department, we believe that studying great minds, activists, and leaders of the past leads to inspiration, understanding, and a vision for the future. Learn More about about our courses!