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Lisa McClain

Lisa McClainDr. Lisa McClain is a Professor of History and Gender Studies at Boise State University. Her fields of specialty include the history of religion and the intersections of gender, religion, and popular culture. She is the author of the book Lest We Be Damned: Practical Innovation and Lived Experience among Catholics in Protestant England 1559-1642 published by Routledge; a chapter in the book Women during the English Reformations:Renegotiating Gender and Religious Identity, published by Palgrave MacMillan; and articles in journals such as Church History, Sixteenth Century Journal, the Catholic Historical Review, the Journal of Religious History, and Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature. She is currently working on a new book on changing gender roles and the Catholic Church and a chapter in Recusancy, under development by Brill as part of their “Companions to the Christian Tradition” series.

She served as Director of Gender Studies from 2002-2011, during which time the program received the Emerging Center Award from the National Council for Research on Women in 2010. In the field of Gender Studies, Dr. McClain has researched the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault perpetrated against women with disabilities as part of her work in Gender Studies. Her work has been published in Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers on Women and Girls with Disabilities published by the Center for Women Policy Studies based in Washington DC.

Dr. McClain is an activist for equity issues—particularly gender, disability, and sexual orientation—in academia, in Boise, and lisa-and-tin-manthroughout the state. She currently serves as state secretary for the Idaho Safe Schools Coalition, and on campus she co-advises the BSU Gender Studies Club. For her work, she was named an Idaho Woman of the Year by the Idaho Business Review in 2008, an Idaho Woman Making History in 2009, and was a Les Bois Awards finalist in 2009 as well.

Dr. McClain is married with a daughter and son. She enjoys the outdoors and many athletic activities, especially swimming, hiking, snowshoeing, tennis, and racquetball. She also reads avidly in many genres and loves to cook. She’ll play just about any quiz-type game and became a 1-day Jeopardy champion in 2006. She recently role-played for the first time, immersing herself in the Game of Thrones setting. Go House Baratheon!

Office: L177
Phone: (208) 426-1985
Office Hours: Please email for an appointment

To read more about Dr. McClain, her work or her research, click on her Scholarworks page below