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Completed Graduate Projects and Theses

Submissions from 2015

Lekuak: The Basque Places of Boise, Idaho, Meggan Laxalt Mackey

The Realities of Foreign Humanitarianism and the U.S. Military: Nineteenth Century Roots, David Mock

The Evolution of Prometheanism: Józef Piłsudski’s Strategy and Its Impact on Twenty-first Century World Affairs, Phillip Tadeusz Turner

Submissions from 2014

Lawyers and Sawyers: Venetian Forest Law and the Conquest of Terraferma (1350-1476), Michael S. Beaudoin

A Project to Develop a Documented Appraisal Section within the Collection Development Policy of the City of Boise Department of Arts and History, Zachary M. Brown

Israel, Iran, and the United States: A Precarious Alliance, Roy J. Ellsworth

A Leatherneck in Congress: Melvin Maas’s Fight for a Modern Marine Corps Reserve, Timothy A. Guill

Mass Rape in Foča: The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia vs. Dragoljub Kunarac, Mark William Iverson

Joan of Arc and the Franco-Burgundian Reconciliation, Ryan Andrew Schaff

Fragmented Ties: Colombian Immigrant Experiences, Carolina Valderrama-Echavarria

Radical Politics of Rich People: British Upper Class Support of Interwar Communism and Fascism, Michal Rebecca Yadlin

Submissions from 2013

Dam Mormons: Responding to the 1976 Teton Dam Disaster in the “Lord’s Way”, LauriAnn Vaterlaus Deaver

Building the Modern World: Morrison-Knudsen Construction Company, James David Duran

Punishing Our Own Rascals: Great Britain, the United States, and the Right to Search During the Era of Slave Trade Suppression, Mark T. Haggard

J. Gresham Machen and the End of the Presbyterian Controversy, Samuel Jordan Kelley

Submissions from 2012

Christina of Markyate, Manly Woman of God: Mysticism, Monasticism, and Masculinity in Twelfth-Century England, Angela Ruth Bolen

Eusebius of Caesarea’s Oration in Praise of Constantine as the Political Philosophy of the Christian Empire, Benjamin David Brandon

Training for Empire and Modernity: Japan’s Development of Hokkaido from the 1870s-90s, Keegan J. Cothern

A History of Warren, Idaho: Mining, Race, and Environment, Cletus R. Edmunson

It Takes the Whole Village: Assisting Socially And Economically Marginalized Women in African Refugee Camps and Post-Displacement Venues, Patricia Fabbri Forbes

Galvanized by the Gospel: Nineteenth-Century Baptist Missions and the Anti-Mission Response, Anna B. Holdorf

The Evolution of American Outdoor Education in the Twentieth Century, Elizabeth Strachan Miller

Missions, Republicanism, and Anti-Catholicism: the Ideological Origins of the Methodist Church’s Support for the Mexican-American War, Luke Clay Schleif

Hiding, Hunting, and Habitat: An Environmental Re-Analysis of the Slave Narratives, Martha Wharry Turner

Submissions from 2011

Flavius Iulius Crispus: The Tragic Prince, Christopher Lee Browne

Submissions from 2010

The Fourth-Century Rediscovery of Christian Jerusalem, Daniella Makram Morgos Abdelmasih

Conservation in Idaho Oral History Project: Oral Historiography, Process and Practice, Carissa Mai Black

Jesús Urquides: Idaho’s Premier Muleteer, Max Aaron Delgado III

“Sore Vexation,” The Utah Saints and the Gentile War: The Development of the LDS Church During the Civil War, Rebecca Ann Hawks

Camp Cooke: The First Army Post in Montana – Success and Failure on the Missouri, Rodger Lee Huckabee

Seditio Saturnini: The Sedition of Saturninus, Joseph Michael Kurth

Between the Great Idea and Kemalism: The YMCA at İzmir in the 1920s, Samuel David Lenser

A Great Appearance of Force: Puritan Family Government in Colonial Connecticut, 1672-1725, Alicia Desiree Martin-Cowger

Trading in Spirits: European Alcohol and the Indigenous Population of New France, Stacy Jo Nation-Knapper

Submissions from 2009

Boeing’s Impact on Seattle, William Anderson

History and Beauty: The Story of the Idaho State Parks, Joshua Michael Bernard

Hadrian’s Wall: Romanization on Rome’s Northern Frontier, Joshua P. Haskett

Continuity in Iranian Leadership Legitimization: Farr-i Izadi, Shi’ism, and Vilayet-i Faqih, Tamara C. Mackenthun

A Bold, Hopeful, Tolerant, Progressive Way” – Progressives in the Idaho Legislature, 1908-1915, Michael Carl Moore

Conservative Conservationists: Water Rights, Wilderness, and Idahoan Political Identity, Kelly M. Orgill

Traditions in Transition: Basques in America, Alissa Peterson

From Screen to Page: Japanese Film as a Historical Document, 1931-1959, Olivia Umphrey

The King and His Council, Karen I. Wadley

American Friends Service Committee Efforts to Aid Japanese American Citizens During World War II, Theodore Wilbur

Submissions from 2008

From Depression to War: The FSA Photographers and Idaho’s Landscape, 1936‐1942, Christopher S. Blanchard

Submissions from 2006

Holistic Care of the Mentally Ill in Christian Healing Camps: Global Health Ministries’ Pharmacotherapy Project in Madagascar, Candace Kay Trautman

Submissions from 2004

The Idaho Militia from 1863-1899, James M. Riley

Submissions from 2003

The Failure of Public Land Law on Owyhee County Rangelands, Richard Slack