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Completed Graduate Projects and Theses


KayCee Babb
Girls Just Wanna Be President: How the History of Female Presidential Candidates Affects Political Ambition and Engagement
Advisor: Jill Gill

Chelsee Kay Boehm
Community as a Constant: On Oral History Project Exploring the Recent History of the Boise Police Department
Advisor: Todd Shallat

Victor D. Higgins
Unpolished Emeralds in the Gem State: Hard-Rock Mining, Labor Unions, and Irish Nationalism in the Mountain West and Idaho, 1850-1900
Advisor: John Bieter

Marsha Hunter
José Villanueva de Amezketa: Southern Idaho’s Immigrant Outlier
Advisor: John Bieter 

Yancy D. Mailes
The Other Side of the Atomic Air Force: Artifacts of the Air Force’s People Programs
Advisor: David Walker


Adam Behrman
Selling Narratives of a Mexico in Crisis: Environmental Reporting in Excélsior and Uno Más Uno, 1983-84
Advisor: Emily Wakild

Elizabeth R. Drennon
De Consecrationibus: Abbot Suger’s Consecrations of the Abbey Church of St. Denis
Advisor: Lisa McClain

Raymond Richard Hill
The Lex Sempronia Agraria: A Soldier’s Stipendum 
Advisor: Katherine V. Huntley

James Willis
The Elberfeld System: Poor Relief and the Fluidity of German Identity in Mid-Nineteenth Century Germany
Advisor: Joanne Klein


Meggan Laxalt Mackey
Lekuak: The Basque Places of Boise, Idaho
Advisor: John Bieter

Molly Lorraine May
“Right From Hades”: Water and Politics in Boise, Idaho
Advisor: Lisa Brady

David Mock
The Realities of Foreign Humanitarianism and the U.S. Military: Nineteenth Century Roots
Advisor: David Walker

Phillip Tadeusz Turner
The Evolution of Prometheanism: Józef Piłsudski’s Strategy and Its Impact on Twenty-first Century World Affairs
Advisor: Nick Miller


Michael S. Beaudoin
Lawyers and Sawyers: Venetian Forest Law and the Conquest of Terraferma (1350-1476)
Advisor: Lisa Brady

Zachary M. Brown
A Project to Develop a Documented Appraisal Section within the Collection Development Policy of the City of Boise Department of Arts and History
Advisor: Leslie Madsen-Brooks

Roy J. Ellsworth
Israel, Iran, and the United States: A Precarious Alliance
Advisor: Michael Zirinsky

Timothy A. Guill
A Leatherneck in Congress: Melvin Maas’s Fight for a Modern Marine Corps Reserve
Advisor: David Walker

Mark William Iverson
Mass Rape in Foča: The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia vs. Dragoljub Kunarac
Advisor: Nick Miller

Ryan Andrew Schaff
Joan of Arc and the Franco-Burgundian Reconciliation
Advisor: David Walker

Carolina Valderrama-Echavarria
Fragmented Ties: Colombian Immigrant Experiences
Advisor: John Bieter

Michal Rebecca Yadlin
Radical Politics of Rich People: British Upper Class Support of Interwar Communism and Fascism
Advisor: Joanne Klein


LauriAnn Vaterlaus Deaver
Dam Mormons: Responding to the 1976 Teton Dam Disaster in the “Lord’s Way”
Advisor: Lisa Brady

James David Duran
Building the Modern World: Morrison-Knudsen Construction Company
Advisor: Lisa Brady

Mark T. Haggard
Punishing Our Own Rascals: Great Britain, the United States, and the Right to Search During the Era of Slave Trade Suppression
Advisor: David Walker

Samuel Jordan Kelley
J. Gresham Machen and the End of the Presbyterian Controversy
Advisor: Jill Gill


Angela Ruth Bolen
Christina of Markyate, Manly Woman of God: Mysticism, Monasticism, and Masculinity in Twelfth-Century England
Advisor: Lisa McClain

Benjamin David Brandon
Eusebius of Caesarea’s Oration in Praise of Constantine as the Political Philosophy of the Christian Empire
Advisor: Katherine Huntley

Keegan J. Cothern
Training for Empire and Modernity: Japan’s Development of Hokkaido from the 1870s-90s
Advisor: Shelton Woods

Cletus R. Edmunson
A History of Warren, Idaho: Mining, Race, and Environment
Advisor: Todd Shallat

Patricia Fabbri Forbes
It Takes the Whole Village: Assisting Socially And Economically Marginalized Women in African Refugee Camps and Post-Displacement Venues
Advisor: Peter Buhler

Anna B. Holdorf
Galvanized by the Gospel: Nineteenth-Century Baptist Missions and the Anti-Mission Response
Advisor: Jill Gill

Elizabeth Strachan Miller
The Evolution of American Outdoor Education in the Twentieth Century
Advisor: Lisa Brady

Luke Clay Schleif
Missions, Republicanism, and Anti-Catholicism: the Ideological Origins of the Methodist Church’s Support for the Mexican-American War
Advisor: Jill Gill

Martha Wharry Turner
Hiding, Hunting, and Habitat: An Environmental Re-Analysis of the Slave Narratives
Advisor: Lisa Brady


Christopher Lee Browne
Flavius Iulius Crispus: The Tragic Prince
Advisor: Charles Odahl


Daniella Makram Morgos Abdelmasih
The Fourth-Century Rediscovery of Christian Jerusalem
Advisor: Charles Odahl

Carissa Mai Black
Conservation in Idaho Oral History Project: Oral Historiography, Process and Practice
Advisor: Lisa Brady

Max Aaron Delgado III
Jesús Urquides: Idaho’s Premier Muleteer
Advisor: Errol Jones

Rebecca Ann Hawks
“Sore Vexation,” The Utah Saints and the Gentile War: The Development of the LDS Church During the Civil War
Advisor: Jill Gill

Rodger Lee Huckabee
Camp Cooke: The First Army Post in Montana – Success and Failure on the Missouri
Advisor: Barton Barbour

Joseph Michael Kurth
Seditio Saturnini: The Sedition of Saturninus
Advisor: Charles Odahl

Samuel David Lenser
Between the Great Idea and Kemalism: The YMCA at İzmir in the 1920s
Advisor: Michael Zirinsky

Alicia Desiree Martin-Cowger
A Great Appearance of Force: Puritan Family Government in Colonial Connecticut, 1672-1725
Advisor: Jill Gill

Stacy Jo Nation-Knapper
Trading in Spirits: European Alcohol and the Indigenous Population of New France
Advisor: Barton Barbour


William Anderson
Boeing’s Impact on Seattle
Advisor: Lisa Brady

Joshua Michael Bernard
History and Beauty: The Story of the Idaho State Parks
Advisor: Todd Shallat

Joshua P. Haskett
Hadrian’s Wall: Romanization on Rome’s Northern Frontier
Advisor: Joanne Klein

Tamara C. Mackenthun
Continuity in Iranian Leadership Legitimization: Farr-i Izadi, Shi’ism, and Vilayet-i Faqih
Advisor: Michael Zirinsky

Michael Carl Moore
A Bold, Hopeful, Tolerant, Progressive Way” – Progressives in the Idaho Legislature, 1908-1915
Advisor: Robert Simms

Kelly M. Orgill
Conservative Conservationists: Water Rights, Wilderness, and Idahoan Political Identity
Advisor: Lisa Brady

Alissa Peterson
Traditions in Transition: Basques in America
Advisor: Sandra Shackel

Olivia Umphrey
From Screen to Page: Japanese Film as a Historical Document, 1931-1959
Advisor: Shelton Woods

Karen I. Wadley
The King and His Council
Advisor: Charles Odahl

Theodore Wilbur
American Friends Service Committee Efforts to Aid Japanese American Citizens During World War II
Advisor: Shelton Woods


Christopher S. Blanchard
From Depression to War: The FSA Photographers and Idaho’s Landscape, 1936‐1942
Advisor: Lisa Brady